Sample 1:

Travis Laplante, Wild Tapestry (for the muse of Miles Davis) [2021]
For flute, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, harp, acoustic bass, and two percussionists.

Antonina Styczen- flute
Travis Laplante- tenor saxophone, composition
Ansel Norris- trumpet
Oliver Barrett- trombone
Steve Mackey- electric guitar
Charles Overton- harp
Marcus Eliott Gaved- acoustic bass
Eduardo Leandro- percussion
Matthew Overbay- percussion

Premiere from July 17th, 2021 @ The Yellow Barn Music Festival, Putney, VT

Score: click here

Hi-Res Score: click here (110 mb)

Excerpt (c. 8’):

Full piece:

Sample 2:

Travis Laplante, Green of Winter [2020]
For four tenor saxophonists
(c. 47’)

Travis Laplante- composition
Battle Trance:
Travis Laplante- tenor saxophone
Patrick Breiner- tenor saxophone
Matt Nelson- tenor saxophone
Jeremy Viner- tenor saxophone
Recorded on November 1st, 2020.

Score: click here

Excerpt (c. 6’):

Invisible Arrow · "Green Of Winter" Excerpt

Full piece:

Invisible Arrow · "Green of Winter" Full piece

Sample 3:

Travis Laplante, Inner Garden [2019]
For tenor saxophonist, two pianists, and two percussionists.
(c. 40’)

Travis Laplante- composition, tenor saxophone
Laura Barger- piano
Ning Yu- piano
Ian Antonio- percussion
Russell Greenberg- percussion
Released on October 9th, 2020 via New Amsterdam Records

Score: click here

Excerpt (c. 5’):

Invisible Arrow · "Inner Garden" Excerpt

Full piece: